Piano Lessons in Felida, WA With Professional Pianists

At Effinger Music Studio, we offer private 1-on-1 lessons, music theory coaching, and composition lessons to kids and adults in the Felida neighborhood. Both Thomas and Kassidy Effinger hold degrees in Piano Performance from Central Washington University and Texas A&M University - Commerce, and they have been active performers, collaborative pianists, and educators for many years. We encourage young children, adult amateurs, beginning pianists, and advanced musicians to enroll and enjoy professional piano lessons designed to meet your specific goals and interests.

Information About Effinger Music Studio

Our Studio Location

Our piano studio is located in the heart of the beautiful Felida neighborhood, just a short walk north of Felida Community Park. In fact, some of our students walk to lessons from their homes! We're also just north of Farrar's Bistro, Mt. Tabor Brewery, and The Shops at Erikson's Farms. Felida Elementary School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School are less than a five minute drive away, and we're less than ten minutes from Chinook Elementary School, Lakeshore Elementary School, Alki Middle School, Skyview High School, and Columbia River High School. After-school lessons for children have never been easier!

Our Goal For Students

We want to help our students become well-rounded and capable pianists, but most importantly, we want our students to understand and love music. We serve students with all levels of interest, from those who want to enter competitions or audition to music schools, to those who are looking for a low stress recreational activity to enrich their life. We want to facilitate your unique goals at the piano, whether they include high level competitions, participation in community ensembles, or simply to play for enjoyment. Don't let fear of high expectations stop you from reaching out for guidance in your approach to music. Our studio is a safe space for all students, with a focus on learning and growth!

We Teach Students of All Ages at Effinger Music Studio

We offer piano lessons for kids and adults in Felida, and we enjoy how different each student can be. In our studio there is an excitement about music and the piano that cultivates a positive culture focused on learning and growth. We believe that 'talent' is learned, not just something you're born with. Some of our adult students bring 15+ years of experience to their lessons, while others are just starting from scratch in their retirement years.

We have significant experience working with all ages, and we know how to connect with students from different backgrounds. It's never too late to start!

Beginner and Advanced Piano Lessons

Our beginner piano lessons are thoughtfully structured so students will learn foundational elements of musicianship and develop a healthy physical approach to the piano. This includes learning how to feel different rhythms and keep a steady beat, how to read music, and how to develop a healthy technique. Corresponding music theory activities are incorporated at every step. We have an expansive and comprehensive resource library to help us select music and methods that are the right fit for students at any level of ability.

Students at an intermediate level require an approach tailored specifically for them. We find skills which are challenging for each individual student (technique, sight reading, ear training, theory, etc), and work to help the student grow in these areas while using their strengths to their advantage. This is achieved by selecting repertoire that will challenge the student, strengthen weaker areas of their playing, and motivate them to improve.

We also enjoy coaching and working with advanced pianists in our studio. We can help with recital preparation, repertoire selection, technical development, advanced music theory training, and other topics that would be covered with musical study at a university.

A Professional Studio Environment Where Students Can Grow

All students will enjoy playing on a professional six foot grand piano in lessons. We believe that an elevated playing experience can help motivate students to practice and improve, and that a high quality instrument is essential for the development of sensitivity to touch, tone, and quality of sound. We also have two 9 foot Bosendorfer Concert Grands that will be available in our studio when we can expand to a larger space! Additionally, all of our students have access to music from our extensive lending library. We encourage students to borrow music so that they can sight read, practice duets with friends, and explore literature from different composers and styles.

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