How does a piano teacher choose what books to use in lessons?

April 2024

As piano teachers in Vancouver, WA, we work with children on musicianship skills including technique, sight reading, and ear training, the preparation of recital pieces, and learning new topics and concepts with method book material and supplements. We know every child has different interests, preferences...

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Piano Stores in Vancouver, WA: Where to Buy a Piano

November 2023

We often receive questions from students about what size of piano to buy, what brand is the best, whether or not used pianos are reliable, and where to buy pianos from. We love helping members of our community make a good investment in an instrument they will love, and we hope this blog helps you get started with exploring...

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How Much Should You Pay For a Beginner Piano?

October 2023

Buying a piano is sometimes the only thing standing between a family and piano lessons. Maybe you want your children to learn how to play, or perhaps you want to study the piano yourself. But spending several thousand dollars on a piano isn't feasible for everyone. The good news is that you don't have to pay all that much to get...

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Is Sight Reading Necessary For Pianists?

September 2023

Many teachers and programs place significant emphasis on the skill of sight reading at the piano. Pianists are told that they will eventually be able to pick up a piece of music and read through it without practice. Or that if they want to work as a collaborative pianist, they will need to sight read...

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Your Guide To The Washington State Music Teacher Association Musicianship Examinations

August 2023

The Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA) Music Literacy Program is a valuable tool to support students in their growth as musicians in Washington State. Through a series of leveled exams, the program provides a structured system to measure progress, encourage comprehensive musicianship, and promote a thorough...

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Why Pre-College Piano Students Should Participate in Collaborative Piano.

July 2023

At Effinger Music Studio, students have the opportunity to play duets, participate in chamber music ensembles, and collaborate with violinists, singers, flutists, and other instrumentalists from neighboring music schools. We believe that collaboration with other musicians can be fun, educational, and inspirational; it can also help pianists find ways to supplement...

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